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What Men Don’t Understand About Internet Dating Apps

What Men Don’t Understand About Internet Dating AppsWhether you’re using an app to scout for casual flings in your area, or scouring serious dating websites looking for a girlfriend, it helps your game to think about how you appear to the women you’re contacting.

There is plenty that you probably don’t understand about a woman’s experience of internet dating apps.

Women Get A Lot More Messages Than You Do

Women on dating websites and apps are absolutely bombarded with messages from men. Some women find this overwhelming, especially if they’ve been online dating for a long time. A lot of those men are going to be sending her sleazy or pushy messages. Don’t be one of those guys. The best approach you can use online is by being genuine and not too overbearing. A simple “Hi, how are you going?” sort of message will be much better received than something like “I like your pics babe, send me nudes”. Speaking of which, words like “babe” and “honey” are not the preferred form of address for most women. Especially if she has plenty of men calling her that, it might be refreshing for her if you just use her name rather than a pet name you use on every girl you speak to.

If You Think You’re Saying Something Original, You’re Probably Not

If you can make a pun out of her name or something she’s written on her profile, don’t. I guarantee you that she will have heard it before, from countless guys who think they’re being original. Also, humour is hard to convey over the internet. She may not get your jokes and think you’re being serious. Save your wicked sense of humour for when you meet in real life, and try to be straight-up over the internet.

She Probably Doesn’t Look Like She Does In The Photo

A picture tells a thousand words, and five hundred of those are lies. Between using old photos, clever lighting and poses, a little bit of at-home photoshopping, or just using pictures where she looks weirdly different, women don’t always looks like their photos in real life. Once you’ve been looking at her picture, you’ll think that that’s how she actually looks. Then, when you meet her in real life, you may not realize that she looks a little different. This is actually a huge advantage, because you’ll probably think she’s more attractive than she actually is. However, sometimes the difference will be large enough that you’ll be disappointed. Keep in mind that women don’t always look exactly like their photos, and you won’t be disheartened when you realise that you fell for a few clever photography tricks.

The Time Rules Do Not Apply

No doubt you have heard the three-day rule, the five-day rule, and a bunch of other made-up rules about how long you’re meant to wait before calling or texting a girl. These rules are less applicable on the internet. There is no point making her wait between messages, especially when she knows that you’re sitting right in front of your computer or your phone. It will just make her think that you’re wasting her time.

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