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Michelle Miller

5 Awesome Texts to Send Girls (Steal These)

5 Awesome Texts to Send Girls Art1. Perfect Transition into the Date Text

A MAJOR problem most guys have over text is this: NOT knowing how to transition from flirting/talking on text into setting up a date! Proposing a date is one of the 3 KEY INGREDIENTS to effective text game (per Magnetic Messaging).

Also, most guys tell a woman TOO MUCH over text, destroying any mystery or intrigue that gets women excited about meeting up for a date. I always tell guys to think of texting as a “movie preview.” You want to give her JUST ENOUGH so that she’s CURIOUS and EXCITED for the date. (You do not, however, want to give her the whole movie on text!)

To accomplish this, I devised the perfect text:

5 Awesome Texts to Send Girls (Steal These) 1

In context, you’d use this text WHENEVER a woman asks for more information about something that interests her or even challenges you.

For example:

Girl: “Whatcha workin’ on?”

You: “Doing some writing ATM”

Girl: “Really? About what?”

You: “About something I can only tell you about over a glass of wine.”

You: “Let’s meet up later, around 8, at Blue Martini. Te gusta?”

2. Perfect “Radar Text” to Get Investment

If you don’t know what a radar text is, then you need to get Magnetic Messaging. In addition to eliciting a radar text, sometimes you also want a girl to “invest” some time/ thought/ emotions into the exchange (especially if she’s gotten a bit distant or cold).

One of the BEST ways to do this is through pop culture. Feel free to steal these back-to-back texts to get some positive momentum and investment from girls who are slipping away:

5 Awesome Texts to Send Girls 2

3. Look Important while Giving a Compliment

Readers of Magnetic Messaging know the importance of blurring the line between cockiness and sweetness. The section in Magnetic on the “couple compliment” breaks down EXACTLY how to simultaneously give a compliment while also making yourself look cool in the process.

Likewise, a text that accomplishes a similar effect is the old “work break” idea:

5 Awesome Texts to Send Girls 3


4. Get Some “Yes Momentum”


One thing that’s VERY effective in interacting with women is the idea of “yes momentum.” Once a girl is invested emotionally, often she doesn’t want to ruin the vibe by saying no (especially to things you like or enjoy).

As for guys, it’s often they are who get sucked into A GIRL’s “yes momentum.” (If you’ve ever said you liked a movie or song just because a girl said she liked it, raise your hand…)

***Sheepishly raises hand****

For those of us who know what it feels like to get swept away by “yes momentum,” you can imagine how powerful it can be if YOU were able to turn the tables and get a girl to agree with all your likes and interests…

…especially if you could parlay that “yes momentum” into a romantic date! (Insert Dr. Evil laugh)

Here’s a great text that suggests a date activity while creating some “yes momentum”:

5 Awesome Texts to Send Girls 4

*Obviously substitute YOUR preferred romantic activity.


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5. The Shameless Compliment

If you’ve been on my blog for any time, you probably know I’m all about supporting guys expressing their masculine drive in an honest and transparent way. In less pretentious terms, It’s about acting…


Once you and a girl are vibing, and especially if you’ve initiated the “turn sequence” from the keylock, then throwing out an over-the-top compliment can dramatically HELP your chances of meeting up with her.

This text is also GREAT for girls you’ve already been out on a date with or even a girlfriend:

5 Awesome Texts to Send Girls 5

*Fill in something (non-physical) about her that you like, for example: “Why are you hot and creative” or “Why are you hot and such an expert of wine”

Well, there you have it! (I must confess, I was a little hesitant to hit PUBLISH on this article because these texts are so sacred to me!)

Use these 5 texts wisely and, if you really want to improve how you communicate with women, check out the next page and learn:

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    Some of these I already do, but a couple of them opened my eyes. Thanks, Michelle, for the insight. You’re a doll!

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